Election Results

Portrait of a Graduate

Purpose and Description of Project V.O.T.E.

Katy ISD Electoral College

Election Results

Candidate Popular Vote Electoral Vote
Mitt Romney 9553 353
Barack Obama 10041 185
Gary Johnson 339 0

Portrait of a Graduate

Project V.O.T.E. supports the Katy ISD Portrait of a Graduate.

Purpose and Description of Project V.O.T.E

Project Overview:

The Presidential Election of 2008 is an opportunity to foster civic responsibility in Katy ISD students by teaching the social studies strands of government and citizenship in a meaningful way. The Project V.O.T.E. committee members are working together to create the mechanism by which the Katy ISD schools will participate in a district wide mock election. The results of the district election will be sent to the statewide mock election Project V.O.T.E. (Voters of Tomorrow Thru Education) which is sponsored by the Texas Secretary of State. In order to simulate the Electoral College, the Katy ISD election will not be based on popular vote but on electoral vote. Each campus will be assigned electoral votes based on the schools population. The winner of the district wide election will be the candidate that receives over half of the district electoral votes. The Project V.O.T.E. mock election sponsored by the Texas Secretary of State is not associated with Project Vote (Voting for America, Inc.) or with ACORN.

Committee Members

Todd Kranz (ITF-SCE/MPE), Kim Sharp (ITF-SE), Joe Virant (ITF-GE/USE), Jeff Stocks (Instructional Principal-THS), Astrya Richard (Teacher/Student Council Sponsor – CRHS), Sally Farr (Curriculum-ESC), Ginny Garvic (Curriculum -ESC), Genith Crawford (Ed. Technology-ESC), Dave Lambson (Technology -ESC), Peter Lu (Technology -ESC)


Students in grades 3-12 will register to vote electronically and will vote electronically. Only those students who register to vote during the registration period will be able to vote during the early voting period or on Election Day.

Timeline of Project V.O.T.E Activities
Voter Registration October 2 (12 AM)-October 15 (11:59 PM), 2008
Early Voting October 27 (12 AM)-October 29(11:59 PM), 2008
Election Day November 4 (3 AM-3 PM), 2008